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Yoga and Meditation for Inner Growth 6-class Series

Tuesdays starting February 7, 6-7:45 pm, $30/class Drop In (pay in person), ($150 for 6 week commitment) 

Learn Yoga and Meditation for Inner Growth
Get in touch with yourself! Using breath work and physical postures, we will explore accessible yogic ideas that can give us a deeper understanding of ourselves and how we interact with the world. Pairing slow, intentional movement with an inward focus, we can begin to become aware of our ideas and patterns and how to work with them in a way that can bring about physical, mental, and more subtle transformation. Each class is intended to be accessible for various levels of physical ability and yoga experience.

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Women’s Retreats

Spend an entire day relaxing and rejuvenating in a shared space with fellow Goddesses. Saturday February 18, 8:30 am to 4:30pm.

Led by Kayla, Swamiji Rudrani Ma, YaDevi and Janani at our beautiful Eldorado Ashram.

Our day will begin with gentle yoga and a short guided meditation. We’ll have the opportunity to create some soothing home care products, and also learn aspects of Ayurveda (an ancient yogic science) for the colder months and transitioning to springtime. The afternoon provides a nourishing lunch, sacred art, journaling with intention and sharing. We’re so excited to get to spend this time rejuvenating with you all! 

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Create a Mala Workshop

Join Ananda Ma and Shanti in the spiritual process of creating your own mala.

Saturday March 25, 9 am-4 pm

Mala beads are a form of prayer beads that originated in Tibetan Buddhism and inspired the rosary. Malas are sacred tools used in meditation. In the process of creating your own mala, Ananda Ma will guide you in intension setting and will share with you several mantras you can use with your mala to help you center, break through old patterns and grow.

With Shanti we will also use Vedic astrology to enhance our creations. With this tool we look to the stars to find out more about who we are and how we can align closer to our Vedic birth charts. You can include 6 beads specific to your chart in your new mala to make it special and the most helpful when you wear/use it! You will also take home your 30 page Vedic Astrology Birth Chart.

All materials will be provided including a yoga class, light refreshments, lunch, and the opportunity to chant with the harmonium. There will be a variety of gemstone choices for you to create your mala.

What to bring:

-A headlamp if you have one, reading glasses, personal yoga mat (we have here as well), special Guru beads or pendants you would like to include in your mala, a smile and a willingness to learn!

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Seva Days

Seva is a time-tested ancient yogic practice. For thousands of years first in the ancient East, selfless service (seva) has been at the forefront of ashram life and is what sustains a spiritual center of this kind. As a result, the community at large benefits from a truly unique location that is solely used to let go of personal dramas, tensions, and help propel a seeker toward their spiritual growth and their natural state which is full of bliss.

Seva is not just doing a job and “going through the motions.” Seva as much as the practice itself, is an attitude carried by those who are looking for inner freedom. Instead of sweeping the floor and thinking of what you’re going to do on Friday night, you’re simply sweeping the floor. Instead of potting plants or digging weeds but in your mind mulling over your to-do list, you’re staying present with the plant, with the soil, with the action of pulling the weed. You might wonder how on earth could this bring you any benefit. This is what you learn by doing seva, which could literally be any action you find yourself doing. Staying present, focused and mindful with whatever you’re doing, without concern for how it’s going to benefit you, is the secret to finding pure joy in action.

When a person (whether committed Sangha or not) commits an hour, a day, or more to selfless service at an ashram they are not only helping sustain the center, but they are also putting in the necessary work to break down tensions inside which will lead to a more fruitful meditation practice. On the first Saturday of each month, the community comes together to do just that, and would love to have you join us! Contact Us

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