We welcome everyone interested in Eldorado Mountain Yoga Ashram with a full heart.

Located just eight miles from the heart of Boulder, Colorado.

To arrange a visit outside of our scheduled classes, please contact us.

We also offer Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training, Workshops, and activities for families and a Kids Yoga Camp.

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Yoga Teacher Training

Our Temple Etiquette

Daily meditation, yoga, and spiritual practice create a shakti (energy) charged atmosphere. We honor and respect that atmosphere in several ways inside of our meditation dome and meditation spaces: 

  • Remove shoes upon entering the dome.
  • Wear modest, clean clothing that reflects your best.
  • No cellphones, photography, food, or drink inside the temple. Leave water bottles outside or on the shelf in the back of the temple.
  • As a measure of respect, do not point the soles of your feet toward the altar or teacher. Also refrain from placing any arati items on the ground.
  • We symbolically purify ourselves with the water blessing before we enter.
  • On Monday nights, men and women usually sit separately. This facilitates the flow of shakti during the program. However, our community is gender inclusive and you are welcome to sit wherever is most comfortable.
  • You may see people bowing down to Babaji or representations of the deities and gurus. This is not required but is a natural gesture of gratitude, love, and respect for the divinity in us all.
  • Making a donation to the temple, large or small, is a symbol of respect and appreciation. You may see people offering food items as prasad (offering) to keep our ashram devotees fed. 

***Sunday Family program is a prerequisite to attending Monday Night Community Program. Written permission is required. Email us HERE.

Please note that some of our meditation spaces are used for teaching yoga classes, and during class you are welcome to wear comfortable yoga attire and move your feet according to your practice.

“Revere the body and care for it, for it is a temple.”

- Swami Muktananda