Pandemic Updates

*** We ask everyone attending in-person classes to bring their vaccination card. ***

Nuturing Community During a Pandemic

While carefully following the most up-to-date CDC guidelines, Eldorado Mountain Yoga Ashram continues to hold public, in-person classes with limited attendance and proof of vaccination. Many of our scheduled classes are offered online as well.

When coming to in-person yoga, mask wearing is optional, especially with our large facility that can accommodate many without being too close. When attending meditation classes, we ask that everyone observe mask wearing

As we understand more about the virus and the new variants showing up, we will keep our doors open for as long as we can, while maintaining our very first priority – the safety of our members, students, and visitors. Thank you for your time and support of our community and ashram. For further information, please see our vaccine policy statement.

Eldorado COVID – 19 Vaccine Policy

After a year of being closed to public visits, Eldorado Mountain Yoga Ashram is opening again by SGRY with the principal restriction of guest being required to be fully vaccinated prior to visitation and participation in Eldorado programs. 

The national/global COVID – 19 Coronavirus and vaccines to defend against it and end the pandemic are the domain of national, state and local health administrations which are leading the United States population out of the pandemic and the loss and destruction it has caused. SGRY’s policy as to vaccines used to fight the pandemic recognizes that obtaining vaccination is an important public health and private health issue in an environment where a national and statewide health crisis exists. Over 750,000 Americans and countless people around the globe have lost their lives and continue to lose their lives to this deadly virus and its emerging variants. SGRY does not view the Coronavirus vaccine and its use as a political issue but rather a safety concern guided by public health administrations that are supported by medical science. Public health administrations and their vaccine development and deployment have created the first line of defense against the pandemic. The administration of the vaccine has not been made mandatory. Strong recommendations for its use have come from the Colorado Governor’s Office and all state health departments which act under the auspices of the Department of Public Health law. In complying with the recommendations of national, state and local health administrations as to vaccine, SGRY’s position is for Eldorado residents and guests to get the vaccine for the greater good and defeat the pandemic. We choose to protect our families with children, our seniors and those with health risks who have compromised immune systems and our valued guests.

We see this as a temporary restriction which will be lifted when herd immunity finally prevails and it is no longer necessary.

We understand that some individuals and families choose not to get the vaccine. That is their right. In establishing this policy at this time, SGRY apologizes for any inconvenience non-vaccinated persons may have in visiting Eldorado. Eldorado is a private church and meditation retreat. State and federal laws allow for the church to choose how to best protect its guests and resident yogis and their families. It has elected to follow the state and local recommendations and guidelines on protecting against the advance of the pandemic all are faced with at this critical time. In gathering indoors together for worship and meditation at Eldorado, the risks of contagion and spread of potent disease must be addressed in a cautious and respectful manner. SGRY believes its Vaccine Policy does so.

Thank you for your kind understanding and support,

Eldorado Mountain Yoga Ashram