Meet Our Instructors

Faith Stone

Faith is a world-class painter, woodblock artist, award-winning chef, former high school teacher, and co-director of ShambhavAnanda Yoga.

Faith studied Tibetan Thangka painting and mokuhanga (Japanese woodblock carving), which she fuses into her contemporary spiritual art. Read her full story.

She is the author of Drawing Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, Shoshoni Cookbook, Yoga Kitchen, Rudi and the Green Apple, and Karma & Faith. Her artwork and books are available for purchase on Etsy: Faith Stone Art.

Swami Rudrani Ma

Our resident Swami has been practicing yoga in the ShambhavAnanda tradition since 2010. After completing 350 yoga teacher training hours, she went on to become a certified Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant in 2019.

Rudrani Ma excels at holding space for students and weaving Ayurveda into her classes. In her free time, she enjoys paper crafting, practicing Kung Fu, and playing video games with her son.

Dévi Stone Chung

Dévi is an artist, yogi, and writer. Since moving here nine years ago from Hawaii, she’s been a student of the ShambhavAnanda practice and currently co-manages Eldorado Yoga Ashram and runs our Sacred Art Store.

What she loves most about yoga is watching how it can make you grow in ways you never could have imagined. In her free time she likes drinking coffee, making art, and reading poetry.

Jatila Hayes

Jatila, ERYT-500, has been loving yoga and meditation since he found the practice in 2010. While co-managing Eldorado Ashram, he also leads yoga teacher trainings and enjoys daily maintenance of the facilities and farm.

What Jatila enjoys most about yoga training is that you never stop being a student – there’s always something you learn about yourself when you dedicate and commit to your practice. In his free time he enjoys reading, creating art, and exploring the world of amateur radio. 

Kayla Ragan

Kayla Ragan is a yoga and meditation instructor certified with Yoga Alliance at the 500-hour level. She received her 200-hour certification from Living Yoga Kansas and completed her 500-hour certification through Living Yoga Kansas, Shoshoni Yoga Retreat, and Konalani Yoga Ashram – all ShambhavAnanda centers, has taken additional trainings from yoga therapist, Dough Keller, and practices meditation under the guidance of Babaji Shambhavananda. She has lived, worked, and practiced at three ShambhavAnanda ashrams for the last 18 months and currently resides at Eldorado Mountain Yoga Ashram where she helps facilitate teacher trainings, special events and workshops, and kids’ yoga camp. Prior to moving into her school’s ashrams, Kayla taught at various venues from upscale gyms and spas to small, local studios and has experience facilitating yoga and meditation for people of various ages, experience, and physical requirements. Kayla first became familiar with yoga and meditation practices during her collegiate studies in philosophy and religion and later began practicing them regularly as a way to rectify her relationship with her mind, body, and spirit. She found her personal practice helped her become stronger physically and mentally, alleviate pain and tension brought on by habitual life patterns, and grow to become more conscious of the joy that can be found day to day. She strives to create a space where her students can feel safe and cared for as they practice finding balance, strength, and enjoyment in their bodies and minds. 

Charlotte Jones

Charlotte, RYT-200, has been practicing yoga since 2012 and has been passionate about spiritual growth from a young age. She completed her 200-hour certification in 2021 with Pilgrimage of the Heart Yoga in San Diego, before moving to Konalani Yoga Ashram in 2022 and receiving a second 200-hour training in the ShambhavAnanda Yoga tradition. She simultaneously completed a 300-hour Ayurveda Health Coach certification from the Shakti School in 2022, and loves to share and live by Ayurvedic wisdom. Charlotte’s teaching style is trauma-informed (she trained with Anneke Lucas of Liberation Prison Yoga in 2019) and focused on tuning into the body at the subtlest levels. Her explorations of positive and somatic psychology deeply inform her personal practice and teaching. She hopes to guide students into a more compassionate and open relationship with their minds and bodies, and to cultivate strength and resilience on and off the mat.

Charlotte currently resides at Eldorado Yoga Ashram and loves running the weekly family program and working with children throughout the year. In her free time she enjoys hiking, learning about the body-mind connection, and playing piano.

Carolina Garcia

Carolina Garcia, an RYT 200 hails from Colombia, with Spanish as her native language. She discovered yoga when she began feeling the burnout from working at a political advertising agency. Disillusioned with the corporate world, she started to look for a more meaningful path. She left her home in South America and traveled to the US to embark on an internal journey, where she embraced the power of yoga and meditation to change her life and serve others (but she doesn’t mean to say that you should necessarily quit your job and leave the country). She finds inspiration in bringing people together on the path of yoga. She previously imagined yoga would be easy, but quickly encountered surprising challenges. Through perseverance she found a true sense of peace and joy, not only on the mat, but also in her daily life. Her bilingual classes help beginning and intermediate practitioners relax, build strength and cultivate compassion, gratitude and curiosity toward developing a meaningful life. 

AnandaMa Sims

AnandaMa has been practicing and studying healing energies from a young age, her mother being her first teacher. During part of Niki’s journey, she fell in love with the physical part of yoga.  While completing her  initial  ShambhavAnanda  yoga teacher training she  realized there was a need for people who were curious about yoga but  hesitant to step into a class because they didn’t feel they were bendy enough.  Niki  makes yoga accessible for every body.  If you can breathe, you can practice yoga.  She is a 500 RYT,  a 200 ERYT, and has  a completed Levels 1,2, and  3 ShambhavAnanda meditation teacher trainings.   Niki lives in Evergreen, Colorado and is passionate about guiding others to live a more mindful and skillful life.  

YaDevi Shellenberger

YaDevi, RYT-500, has practiced yoga since 2000. During her 200-hour yoga teacher training at Eldorado Yoga Ashram in 2010, her search for authentic ways to teach yoga was fulfilled. “I’m so grateful to all my teachers at the ashram, most especially Babaji Shambhavananda, for their wisdom, patience and guidance.” 

Shailaja Subramanian 

Shailaja, RYT-200, received her 200-Hour Training from ShambhavAnanda School of Yoga in 2019 and has been teaching yoga ever since. She firmly believes in the healing benefits of yoga and her intention is to share this gift with as many people as possible to help them through their journey. She currently teaches corporate yoga and private yoga classes in Broomfield, Colorado. She enjoys teaching yoga to her amazing clients and around her community. Apart from teaching yoga, Shailaja is also an educator working in special education and she loves to cook. 

Janani Breitman

Janani has been a member of the ShambhavAnanda spiritual community for over 20 years.  She received her Meditation Teacher and Yoga Teacher certifications at Eldorado Mountain Yoga Ashram. “I love sharing the things I’ve been taught and helping folks to find a bit of peace in their hearts and in their day.”