Our Ashram & Practice

An ashram is a spiritual center for the practice and teaching of yoga and meditation.

It is a place where everyone is welcome to come and celebrate the divine that lives in all of us.

Our Purpose and Mission

Eldorado Mountain Yoga Ashram is a center of the ShambhavAnanda School of Yoga, located just eight miles from the heart of Boulder, Colorado. Subscribe to our Newsletter to stay informed of upcoming events.

Our purpose is to assist people in understanding and experiencing their true nature through the practice of yoga and meditation.

At Eldorado, we offer yoga and meditation classes and yoga and meditation teacher training. We are the home of dedicated yogis who  maintain the ashram. We offer activities for  children and families.

We are part of SGRY (Sri Gurudev Rudrananda Yoga Ashram), a charitable, non-profit organization encompassing  centers and schools around the world. Our other main centers are Shoshoni Yoga Retreat in Rollinsville, Colorado and Konalani Yoga Ashram in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.

Yoga Teacher Training

Our Story

In 1975, Sri Shambhavananda led a small group of yogis to Boulder, Colorado. They opened the first vegetarian restaurant in the area and named it in honor of their teacher, Swami Rudrananda.

The success of the restaurant, and later, a bakery, afforded them the means to build their dream of a yoga ashram – a place where people could go to experience the yogic tradition through nourishing retreats, asana practice, meditation, and seva (selfless service). The first ashram they built was Eldorado Mountain Yoga Ashram.

At a time in America when yoga’s popularity outshines its original purpose, ShambhavAnanda Yoga® stands as a living example of timeless teachings in the present day. Students combine hard work with heart work and use the practice of meditation to rise above and grow from the everyday challenges of life.

Our Founders

Rishi Maha Mandaleshwar Sri Shambhavananda is the founder of ShambhavAnanda Yoga. He describes ShambhavAnanda Yoga as the direct experience and insight into one’s true inner nature, available to anyone who is ready to surrender the distractions of the mind and open their heart. 

Shambhavananda’s wife, Faith Stone, worked for years as head chef of Rudi’s restaurant which helped fuel the start of Eldorado, Shoshoni, and Konalani Yoga Ashrams. Along with being an award-winning chef, high school art teacher, and professional artist, Faith developed our famous Kids Yoga Camp that many kids look forward to every year.

Our Practice

Yoga and meditation in the ShambhavAnanda School involves turning our attention from the external world, the world we normally experience with our senses, to look inside. We learn how to detach from our consuming involvement in the world in order to experience who we are beyond these fluctuations of the mind and senses.

Babaji Shambhavananda is a modern master of kundalini yoga – the yoga of inner transformation. He teaches by example that we can all attain spiritual liberation no matter what our lifestyle or personal circumstances.

Hatha yoga helps bring our awareness inside. It helps us gain control over the flow of energy in the body. We believe that the ultimate purpose of asana is to cultivate a meditative state.

Meditation begins with surrender and leads to an opening of the heart. Surrender does not mean “giving up” on life, it is the ability to face ones tensions and to consciously let them go.

“The heart is the hub of all sacred places. Go there and roam.”

- Bhagawan Nityananda