300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Deepen Your Knowledge

​Our 300-hour intermediate curriculum builds upon the 200-hour training with five different 60-hour modules. Train cumulatively towards a 500-hour certification, apply them as Continuing Education Units (CEUs) with Yoga Alliance, or use them for your own growth as a teacher.

Prerequisites for our 300-hour training are a 200-hour training with ShambhavAnanda Yoga™ or comparable Yoga Alliance registered school, at least two years as a yoga practitioner, and prior teaching experience. Meet our instructors.

Training Options

Yoga Teacher Training

Deep Roots:

Focus on the Hips and Lower Body

* Rescheduled for Spring 2024 *

Dive into your hips and find a deeper sense of center as you learn the art of offering accessible options for all levels of students.  Study detailed hip anatomy including your own range of motion exploration.  Learn to effectively facilitate depth in student’s postures with physical means and use of more subtle pranayama techniques.

Curriculum Details
  • Approaches and modifications for intermediate asanas with a focus on the pelvis and lower body including deep hip openers and intermediate balance postures.
  • Approach to intermediate poses includes many versions of each pose to meet individual needs.
  • Therapeutic and restorative asanas to address areas of restriction and common imbalances.
  • Anatomy of the hip, leg, and low back.
  • Teaching skills for intermediate and multi-level classes.
  • Develop intermediate classes to teach from upon completing the training.
  • Pranayama practices that explore the breath as a gateway to deeper states of consciousness.
  • Philosophy topics include subtle body anatomy, the chakras and nadis.
  • Meditation practices to deepen subtle body awareness, small group projects and teaching practicals.

Prerequisite:  200 hour yoga training certification

Yoga Teacher Training

Dance of Shakti:

Vinyasa Flow

Expand your ability to creatively sequence your classes in the style of vinyasa, linking breath with movement.  Learn ShambhavAnanda-style sun salutations and safe biomechanics to keep bodies healthy over the long term.  Discover the lymphatic system and the effects of movement on immune system health.

Curriculum Details
  • Concise cueing and communication.
  • Getting off your mat while teaching.
  • Physiological benefits of vinyasa flow.
  • ShambhavAnanda Yoga sun salutations, standing pose namaskars, moon salutations and mandala vinyasa.
  • Flow yoga as moving meditation: pranayama, inner focus and mantra.
  • Take home vinyasa flow class sequences and class planning templates.
  • Practice teaching and group projects.

Prerequisite:  200 hour yoga training certification

Yoga Teacher Training

Rise True:

Focus on the Shoulders and Core

Gain confidence in your ability to balance with your upper body and empower others to find their strength in this shoulder and core focused training.  Explore asana accessibility for all levels of students.  Learn the ins and outs of a healthy shoulder joint and related upper body joint protection techniques. Deepen your understanding of the core and how to effectively enhance its function.

Curriculum Details
  • Asana – Learn approaches and modifications for intermediate asanas with a focus on the shoulders and upper body, including arm balances, inversions, and deep backbends.
  • Anatomy – In-depth anatomy of the shoulder, upper back and core.
  • Restorative asanas – Address areas of restriction and common imbalances with restorative and therapeutic postures.
  • Teaching skills – learn to teach for diverse learning styles and multi-level classes.
  • Pranayama – Refine awareness of subtle breath energy and refine pranayama teaching skills.
  • Philosophy – explore the topics of karma, subtle energy, and surrender.
  • Meditation – practices to facilitate your asana practice and expand your subtle body awareness.
  • Small group projects and teaching practica.
  • Develop intermediate classes to teach from upon completing the training.

Prerequisite:  200 hour yoga training certification

Yoga Teacher Training

Honor Wisdom:

Yoga for Well-Being and Private Student Skills

Explore the depths of movement patterns using a yoga movement screening tool. Enhance your one-on-one teaching skills with case study discoveries and discussions. Add creativity to your teaching repertoire with dynamic variations of classical asanas.

Experience the power of Medicine Buddha mantra and Illuminate the benefits of self care and deep relaxation from a yogic perspective. Join us for this transformative training and grow your personal and teaching practice to new dimensions.

Curriculum Details
  • Learn to conduct the Yoga Movement Screen, which uses nine asanas to assess movement, balance, stability and flexibility. From this screen, design a personal practice for your client consisting of yoga postures, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques.
  • 50+ therapeutic asanas.
  • In-depth anatomy review.
  • Awakening the inner core.
  • The mind and the perception of pain.
  • Karma and the Koshas.
  • Mindful eating and basic Ayurvedic food principles.
  • Small group projects and teaching practica.
  • Use these skills for private students or small group classes.

Prerequisite:  200 hour yoga training certification

Yoga Teacher Training

Enhance and Empower:

Adjustments and Teaching Skills

Refine your hands-on assist skills in this adjustment intensive training.  Explore the many types and purposes of adjustments, and practice your technique in a safe, supportive, and encouraging environment.  Deepen your understanding of quality and intention of touch and principles of approach and exit skills.

Curriculum Details
  • Hands-on adjustments for beginning through intermediate postures.
  • A wide range of adjustment methods to help you develop your own creative approach.
  • Observation and communication skills.
  • Self-adjustments, verbal adjustments and partner poses.
  • Muscle release adjustments.
  • How to integrate adjustments into your classes.
  • Ethics of Touch.
  • Small group projects and teaching practicums.

Prerequisite:  200 hour yoga training certification

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“I was not only given an in-depth asana training, but also led through different healing practices for myself such as pranayama, meditation, mantra as well as invited to community events.”

- Samantha Gonzales

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